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Nikki's Blog: All About the World of Nikki!

This is me. Nikki Bennett: author, painter, editor, world traveler.

Once upon a time, I hosted a great blog where I posted travel articles and indie book reviews. But at some point, the website disappeared. I think I forgot to pay the domain fee one year and someone else snapped it up and I couldn't ever figure out how to get it back. I lost access to ALL my blog posts, which really sucked. This coincided with me beginning to work on my master's degree in English, and so I decided I didn't have time to run a blog and write and focus on my studies. One of these had to go. And since the blog had conveniently disappeared, that was the thing that went.

So, it's been years since I've had an active blog. And I'm starting slowly. But I do miss reviewing indie books and posting travel articles, so that's what this blog is gonna be about. Here's what I plan for the blog in the future:

TRAVEL ARTICLES: I hope everyone, disabled or not, will enjoy my travel posts, but I am going to try and focus specifically on articles for people who want to travel but have disabilities that get in their way. Myself, I'm blessed with cerebral palsy, sciatica, I just finished colon cancer chemo treatments, and I'm stuck with an ostomy since most of my colon was removed last year along with a big, fat, malignant tumor. So successful traveling is a bit of a challenge. Next weekend my husband and I are going on a camping/kayaking trip and in July an Alaska cruise, so check back for posts on these little adventures! And if I can find some of my old blog posts from travels through Japan, India, China, Bhutan, Europe, Bali, and other awesome places, I'll post those in the future too.

BOOK REVIEWS: I read a lot. I mean, a LOT. At least 12-15 books a month. And for the last few years, I've been reading classics, Pulitzer Prize-winning books, all the books they say you should read before you die. But that basically leaves out Indie books- and self-published books, and I really like supporting people (like me) who can't get a big publishing deal but have great books for people to read. (Speaking of which, here's my shameless plug: you can check out all my published books HERE!) So, I will slowly begin reading indie books again, and I'll post these reviews here, on Goodreads, and Amazon, for starters.

You might ask why I'm not blogging about writing or painting tips, but I've decided to leave that to other folks while I focus on travel articles and indie reviews. But I know me. I'll sneak in some blog posts about writing and painting eventually. I won't be able to help myself. In the meantime, you can check out my art gallery HERE!


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