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Nikki Bennett is a writer, editor, artist, and world traveler. She has a masters degree in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She is the creator and president of Firedrake Books and, in her spare time, has edited several independent books, including Adoration and Animus by Richard Levine and The Bronze Dolphin by Georgia Vinup and David Prescott. She has written and published nine novels.

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I am a writer first and foremost! My very first "novel", titled The Town House People, was produced in snazzy double-lined and dashed kindergarten paper. It had chapters and illustrations and everything, and even though it was a flagrant plagerism of both The Borrowers and The Littles, it wasn't too bad for a five-year-old.

Since then, I've published nine novels (you can read descriptions and purchase here) and I'm working on three others, all in different parts of production.

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I am currently open to a very limited number of manuscripts for editing. For a list of editing services, click here. I am open to most genres and categories, 


If I have to describe my art, it is a combination of realism and impressionism. I love painting nature in vibrant colors. I have also done several portraits, pet portrait commissions and book cover art. Please view my gallery, and if you are interested in commissioned work, please email me at

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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