Nikki's Art Giveaway!

OK, so here's the deal. I'm giving these paintings away (shipping included). You can see the descriptions below. If you want one, send me an EMAIL to with your first three choices AND your current shipping address. I will give away the artwork to the people who RESPOND FIRST (which is why you should give me three choices). I will remove paintings from the page as they are claimed.

The Koi Dance.jpg


HAPPY DANCE - Koi: acrylic on wood board. 10x10" in size

Galaxy Swirl.jpg


COSMIC SWIRL - This is actually the largest piece at 16X20", and is one of only two paintings offered here done in oils. On regular canvas.

Rialto Beach.jpg


RIALTO BEACH - Another oil painting; this one done on cradled wood, so you can either hang it as is, or put it in a frame. 9X12"

Scenic Beach.jpg


SCENIC BEACH - I painted this one at Scenic Beach, Washington; this is close to where we live. It is 8x8" on wood, acrylic.

Lotus Sea.jpg


LOTUS SEA - I painted this from a picture taken by a friend. This is the lotus fields behind where we used to live in Japan. 8x8" on wood, acrylic

Dragon Ball.jpg


DRAGON BALL - This is a practice painting, so it's on canvas board. 9X12" acrylics. 

Impressionistic Cow.jpg


IMPRESSIONISTIC COW - This is another practice painting on canvas board. 9x12", acrylic



WALK THROUGH BAMBOO - Acrylic on gallery canvas, ready to hang. 9X12"